We are pleased to present details and photographs of projects completed.


Jarrold Property Services

Sonata Security was asked to help design intruder and CCTV systems for 2 new buildings and site security. Using the latest technology Sonata Security designed an I.P based CCTV system consisting of fixed and fully functional dome cameras, column and building mounted, to give the best possible solution and coverage of the site utilising fibre optic technology to return the images to the security control room in the main building.  

College of West Anglia

Sonata Security  were engaged at an early stage to design the installation of an I.P based CCTV system, Intruder Alarm systems, Fire Alarm systems and Access Control systems. The CCTV system consisted of 77 network cameras through out the tower refurbishment with external, internal and lift cameras  so network design was key to ensure the system would operate correctly and the use of fibre optic networks to display all the cameras in the security control room.

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is believed to have been founded by Henry I in 1135 as the Hospital of St.Mary. In the early 13th Century it was converted into a priory of Augustinian canons (it was never strictly speaking an Abbey). The monastic way of life came to an abrupt end in 1536, when Henry VIII began to dissolve the monasteries. Anglesey Abbey was granted to a lawyer, John Hynde, who removed some of the roofs, to reuse in a new mansion he was building at Madingley Hall, leaving the Abbey to decay. In 1596 Anglesey was acquired by the Fowkes family, who were responsible for converting the remains of the monastic living quarters into a house in 1609. The Reverend John Hailstone, vicar of the neighbouring parish of Bottisham, bought Anglesey Abbey in 1848. He made several important changes to the building, demolishing surviving masonry from the monastic buildings to create a stable block, and removing the Jacobean dormer windows from the front of the House. Hailstone was probably responsible for naming the house ‘Anglesey Abbey’. Sonata Security designed installed and commissioned the Intruder Alarm system with audio verification. Since the installation Sonata Security has taken over the maintenance of all security and Fire Alarm system for the whole site.

Mervyn Lambert Plant Hire

Sonata Security designed, installed and commissioned an I.P CCTV system with Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The existing analogue system was removed and a network based high definition CCTV system was installed. Using  video analytics the system was designed to record all number plates that enter and leave the site. The success of the installation has led the client to install the systems at two more of their sites.

Dragon Hall

Dragon Hall is a Heritage building and is one of a limited number of 14th century buildings left in Eastern Europe. Time had taken its toll and the Trust put in place a restoration programme to rejuvenate the building. This work included refurbishment and an extension. Dragon Hall is now one of the pinnacle buildings in the King Street area of Norwich. Sonata Security designed, installed and commissioned the Intruder Alarm system, Radio Fire Alarm system , CCTV system , Induction Loops and Intercom Access Control system. The importance of this building throughout Europe made the design and installations very important and the use of the latest wireless technology was used to reduce the impact on this very historic building.

Charles Darwin’s Home – Down House

Sonata Security designed, installed and commissioned an Intruder Alarm system and a CCTV System. This was one of the most challenging design and installations carried out by Sonata Security working along side specialist design teams and English Heritage to protect the home, gardens, car parks and display cabinets with the least amount of impact on the building and decoration, as a majority of the decoration and flooring are as Charles Darwin left them.

Felbrigg Hall

Sonata Security designed, installed and commissioned an Intruder Alarm system with audio verification. As the building dates back before the Norman conquest this installation needed great care and consideration. With detail in the design stages to ensure the feel and atmosphere of the hall was kept, and the installation of the intruder alarm system was as un-intrusive as possible, on both the building and the aesthetics.

American Battle Monuments Commission

Sonata Security designed, installed and commissioned an I.P based CCTV system. Due to the sensitive nature of the site the system needed to meet the requirements of the client but also needed to suit the aesthetics of a cemetery. Careful design of a fibre optic and wireless network ensured that a fully functional system was installed with the minimum amount of impact on the cemetery. With the use of video analytics the best solution for the situation was provided with the minimal amount of cameras required to achieve the operational requirements of the client.