CCTV systems (across East Anglia) have become the biggest deterrent to any would-be criminal; not getting caught is their most important priority. Having to disguise themselves makes them stand out before they even commit the crime. The latest CCTV systems allow would-be criminals to be detected before crimes are even committed. CCTV systems that are monitored remotely can also audibly challenge would-be criminals and often this is enough to warn them off.

In recent years, security systems have improved greatly in recording quality, moving from video recorders to hard-drive based digital recording machines. Video can now be stored for up to thirty-one days on one hard drive, allowing information to be accessed for a longer period of time.

The cost of these types of systems has now made CCTV affordable to not only businesses, but to the domestic market as well.

CCTV is one of our most requested products, and with good reason. It is a highly effective way to protect your property. Sonata Security has one of the biggest arrays of CCTV surveillance cameras on offer, from basic monitoring equipment through to the highest-spec devices.


home-cctv-security-cameraThe East Anglia area is an expansive, open area with many villages located across the countryside; often located within miles of the nearest town or city. It is therefore strongly recommended to ensure that your home is fully secured from any threat of intrusion. Over the years, CCTV systems have become a lot clearer and crisper from the grainy images of yesteryear which is something which burglars are aware of. Having CCTV at your home is therefore not only suggested by Sonata to provide full peace of mind for home security, but also to act as a deterrent to anyone considering breaking into your property.

This technology, once reserved for the rich and famous is now available to every home owner – and no matter your budget and needs, we can put together a suitable package. So call us for more information on our services including Intruder alarms & security gates today!


Samsung-Techwin-GOLDDomesMonitored CCTV Systemstic security systems can be connected to the home television system to allow viewing of the CCTV system on the televisions around the home. They can also be connected to a smart phone so you can view your CCTV while you’re away from home.

Cameras for the security system are no longer the big bulky housings we are used to seeing – small discreet cameras can now be installed for minimum impact on the aesthetics of the building. Cameras can also now record in total darkness, offering total 24-hour protection.HikVision

True day-night cameras offer the best of both worlds, with high resolution colour during the day and high resolution monochrome at night.

Sonata Security have a high reputation for offering our clients within Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich bespoke security systems through its own monitoring station, offering a cost effective and flexible service.j


There are plenty of security installers operating throughout East Amglia, but not all have the experience and industry accreditations that you rely upon to ensure you receive the highest level service and the right CCTV system to suit your needs. Being NSI NACOSS Gold approved Sonata Security is in an excellent position to supply you with the latest IP based CCTV solutions, specifically tailored to suit your needs. IP Based CCTV Systems give users much more freedom than conventional analogue solutions. System users can store many recordings with up to 100 images per second, from as many cameras as they choose; the only limitation is the size of the data storage on a computer or server.

The image quality is superior and doesn’t degrade over time, or with multiple copies. Modern high definition cameras provide excellent image quality and can be used not only for IP based CCTV Systems but also for other solutions, such as CCTV Facial Recognition.

Another bonus of an IP based CCTV system is that it can use pre-existing cabling networks within buildings. This reduces both the installation costs and the inconvenience of having to have the systeSamsung CCTV imagem wired.
With an IP based CCTV system it is also much easier to sort through all of your recorded data as you can search for specific dates and times. Also, you are able to connect to your CCTV system via the internet allowing you to check your premises or look through your archive.

Our specialist team of CCTV Engineers are experienced in installing both IP based and analogue CCTV systems and our knowledgeable Security Consultant can advise you on the best type of system to suit your needs whether an analogue, IP based or a hybrid of the two.