There are many ways you can protect your home from unwanted intruders, and installing security gates is a great start. The first purpose of security gates is to make your property look as uninviting as possible to intruders. By installing perimeter security, such as gates, would-be intruders are instantly informed that you take your security seriously – and hopefully are dissuaded from attempting to enter your property to begin with.

At Sonata Security we always aim to prevent break-ins in the first place, and security gates send the signal that your home is protected, while also making it harder for intruders to enter the grounds.


From driveway gates and small pedestrian gates for securing footpaths, to large-scale 50-ton sliding gates for bigger properties or business types, Sonata Security have previously provided all.
We like a challenge – so if, in the past, you have been told that your property is not suitable for gates – get in touch. Sloping drives, awkward spaces, rising hinges, outward opening or inward opening, we can help. Our bespoke design service allows us to get you the right products for the job, and with our experience in the security business our team will ensure you receive a solution that is right for you and your property. If we can’t find the right entrance gates for you, we can get them made bespokely.


So if you are looking for driveway gate installation, or would like to enquire about our other services, please get in touch and speak to request your free, no-obligation quote.