Access control systems can now be installed to allow access to buildings and individual rooms using single door or multiple door network systems. Sonata Security can offer a full access control design and installation tailored to your specific needs from mechanical digital locks to full PC based system.

Access control to buildings has always caused a problem for security. This right of access to a building – whether an airport, hospital, hotel, office or factory can now be controlled through Access Control Security Systems. It used to be a matter of trust that keys to premises were issued. However, with access to the internal monitored rooms as well as the entry and exit to the buildings.

Progression from mechanical locks to electronic locking systems can be from simple keypads through to Facial /Bio Metric Recognition. Keypad Systems work on the basis that a four-digit code is entered which, if correct, will unlock the door. These systems are usually used on low security doors. The next progression is to stand alone Proximity Based Systems which use a unique proximity device for each user; this can be in the form of a token, card or key fob. These systems are for higher security doors and doors that need higher control of entry.

Readers range from basic fingerprint readers, to full hand readers, through to iris recognition. These are for high security sites where total lock-down is required, such as laboratories, power stations, banks or government offices.