CCTV systems (across East Anglia) have become the biggest deterrent to any would-be criminal; not getting caught is their most important priority. Having to disguise themselves makes them stand out before they even commit the crime. The latest CCTV systems allow would-be criminals to be detected before crimes are even committed. CCTV systems that are monitored remotely can also audibly challenge would-be criminals and often this is enough to warn them off.

Sonata Security has one of the biggest arrays of CCTV surveillance cameras on offer, from basic monitoring equipment through to the highest-spec devices, all of which are affordable for both the Domestic and Commercial Market.

Viewing and playback of the CCTV system is made simple with the option to connect to any smart phone / tablet device, laptop or home television, so you can always keep an eye on your premises where ever you are.

Our specialist team of Engineers are experienced in installing both IP based and analogue CCTV systems and our knowledgeable Security Consultant can advise you on the best type of system to suit your needs whether an analogue, IP based or a hybrid of the two.


Rapid Deployment CCTV