The rapid deployment system is designed to work in conjunction with a manned response service. The mobile CCTV trailer unit can be deployed and positioned on a remote (clients) site and will cover key areas of the site with high performance infra-red movement sensors which will record all pre-set activity 24/7 during normal working hours and when armed the unit is connected to a 24/7 RVRC (remote video response centre). When the unit is armed and an alarm trigger occurs the system sends alarm images to the RVRC who can then switch to live viewing and carry out an instant treat assessment, this is called “visual verification” The operator can then alert the manned response service and/or the Police if the site has been violated or if criminal activity is taking place. In addition the operator can broadcast “live audio warnings” directly to the site informing intruders that they are in a restricted area, are being recorded and that the Police have been informed. All units are continuously monitored which constantly monitors the connection status between the CCTV unit – mobile network and RVRC if the connection is lost the RVRC receives confirmation and is able to inform the key holders.

The CCTV deployment system is a fully integrated mobile remote video security solution. It has been designed to be totally transportable and can be deployed as frequently as required on multiple sites.

The CCTV solid state trailer system provides a platform which both transports the system from site to site and when in deployed mode, forms a self-contained secure working platform functioning as a fully integrated remote video CCTV system. The system utilises the very latest wireless technology and is primarily designed to work in areas without fixed wired communications and will operate across GSM /2G – 3G – 4G and Edge networks.

The systems unique design allows it to be set up on a site within one hour. The CCTV unit can then remain deployed for as long as required. The trailer unit is extremely stable, robust and secure from attack.