Automatic Number Plate Recognition is one of the most effective vehicle movement and access management tools currently available. Working in conjunction with the market leading Vista ANPR system, Sonata Security designs and supplies solutions that accurately obtain number plate information from approaching vehicles and use this to effectively manage traffic movement throughout your site.

Our systems will raise barriers, switch traffic lights, display driver information and accurately manage multi-tenant car parks. Integrating the system with an access control, will increase security to the site by ensuring the correct person is within the vehicle upon entry.

We cater for all types of businesses, from small to large organisations. ANPR systems need not just be the preserve of large organisations, despite our systems being fully installed, tested and maintained to ensure that you receive the optimum level of service, we endeavor to make recommendations that match your budget. As well as providing these sophisticated ANPR systems, we also supply and install CCTV Systems, Burglar Alarms and Gates & Barriers.


• Car Park management and access control
• Industrial estates
• Construction Site entrances
• Leisure, hotels and commercial
• Shopping centres
• Golf clubs
• Petrol station drive-offs
• Hospitals
• Waste management sites
• Clubs and pubs
• Logistics and vehicle tracking