Sonata Security supplies and installs the market leading Fog Bandit equipment, this security fogging system brings a new level of effectiveness and reliability, giving you the highest level of protection against theft and damage. Once traditional security defences are breached the Fog Bandit releases a plume of dense and visually impenetrable fog at unprecedented speed, thus inhibiting the intruder(s) from further illicit activities on your premises.

The state of the art FOG BANDIT is the fastest NO RESIDUE security fogging system of its kind in the world. When sensors detect an intruder the Bandit’s patented high-pressure system instantly delivers a dense, visually impenetrable fog at an incredible rate of 28 cubic metres per second, projecting 6 metres in the first two seconds alone! An average sized shop, office or showroom of 140 cubic metres would take just 5 seconds to fill! The faster the system the quicker valuable stock, equipment and other contents can be obscured from sight thus protecting them from the possibility of theft or damage, until authorities or key holders arrive.

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